Cool Dorm Rooms – Establishing Borders

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There are so many creative ways to decorate with snapshots.

The picture below shows pictures being used to create borders.  The borders in this picture are defining the sleeping area.  These snapshot borders add a linear quality which can be used to direct the eye to anything you would want.

Establishing Borders small


Try using pictures in any shapes.  Some examples on this can be found on this site.  Here are some ideas, hearts, peace signs, greek letters etc.  You could always spell out a word using snapshots like hello or study.  Well study may be pushing it, but you do get the idea.  Adding posters with the snapshots can create a collage effect.  Check out our posters and wall hangings for some inspiration.

There are so many things you can do,  just keep your eyes open and you will be amazed at what you see and the ideas will flow.

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