Cool Dorm Rooms – Room for lounging

Product Information

Creating a space to lounge in is an exceptional idea.

In this photo this student turned her bed into a settee.  Which is an ideal spot to just hang out and listen to some tunes!

The collage of pictures on the wall is a great way to showcase all your fun times and great frieroom for loungingnds.  It will surely cheer you up during finals.

The more pillows the better.

Spruce up a drab space with some funky and fun pillows.  This will add some instant color to your space.  Don’t forget to check out our great selection of pillows.

An ipod/iphone alarm clock stereo is a great choice because of its dual purpose use.  You will rise and shine and rock on with it.

The towel bar is another great idea you can use.  Since you will need a place to store your towel.  And you will not have the luxury of your mom doing your laundry, you will reuse a towel a few times rather then throwing it in the hamper.  When your ready to go home grab your laundry bag or hamper and bring it home for mom to wash!



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